Everyone is looking for technology that is simple, makes their lives easier and works every time.

With control of the technology at your fingertips, you can create a perfect atmosphere or deliver a seamless presentation with one button.

Visual Focus qualified programmers can personalise touch screen control panels as a streamlined interface across multiple devices.

The latest control technology, for audio-visual equipment to lighting and security, window shades to music streaming, is being developed ready to integrate into your business, teaching facility or home.

Remote and smart device control

With a well designed system, you can open doors, turn on air-conditioning, fire up the projection system and check on security recordings.

Use intelligent systems programmed so you can manage remotely.  Switch via a wall mounted touch screen or download an app to control of your meeting spaces, home entertainment or building technology.

Professional control programming delivers a clever interface.  It is intuitive and looks and feels like a smartphone app.

Controllers incorporate a sophisticated mix of equipment, room device and capabilities, scaling up to combine complex requirements with one touch simplicity.