LED Display Screens

Visual Focus can supply high quality, commercial grade LED panels for indoor or outdoor displays.

Commercial grade panels are available in sizes from 40″ to 85″.  Their advantages include longer use operation, visibly brighter than domestic screens, robust construction, with a 3 year warranty.  Use commercial grade panels are best for public spaces such as hotel receptions, clubs and bars as well as in boardrooms, meeting rooms and at information desk.

Video Walls

Using video wall technology and combining multiple display panels creates a sophisticated and visually engaging large screen experience.

Content planning and creation usually determines the type of display and how it is managed for best value.

Specialised media player software is programmed from static images, graphic design work, animations and video sources.

Video Wall consideration are:-

  • Bezels are the screen edges between the panels making the wall
  • Positioning for eye-catching brightness and vibrancy that isn’t effected by sunlight, glare or internal lighting
  • Commercial grade panels for 24/7 long-term use
  • Network configuration, installation and servicing

Video Walls are an expanding audio-visual specialty.  Solutions engage, communicate and promote in a cost effective system.