Video and Audio Conferencing Systems

Mobile devices and wireless networks are propelling the future.  Stay connected through a platform for communication, collaboration and remote meetings so you can get information and do business anywhere, anytime.

Video and audio conferencing facilities are driving industry productivity and efficiency with faster responses, reducing travel time and costs with optimal attendance and participation.

Conferencing supports remote working while connecting local business opportunities to the world.

Bring in training experts and consultants remotely, interview and collaborate, view data and real-time information and deliver on-demand presentations for customers with video and audio technology solutions.

We work closely with your IT and facilities teams on-site to connect and install fully functional and user-friendly conferencing systems.

With point to point, mobile and cloud based infrastructure products, Visual Focus has the technical expertise on staff to recommend and install the right  fast paced, flexible audio and video conferencing technology.

Huddle Hubs and Virtual Offices

Workplace trends are supporting greater mobility of staff, flexibility using portable devices to do business anywhere and smaller office hubs and meeting spaces for real time collaboration.

Huddle spaces are becoming features in open office environments.  Fitted with technology and resources for impromptu team gatherings, they bring ideas and people together for collaboration.

Visual Focus custom designs for these spaces installing connectivity and interactive technology, supporting collaboration and brainstorming, incorporating BYOD (bring-your-own-device) then electronically saving and sharing work outcomes.

Web Learning and Live Streaming

How people learn and share information is changing.

Bring in specialists from anywhere to talk business, train staff and present.

You can also broadcast on-line to stream expertise, event or seminar out to the world.