Technology enhances the way you see, hear, create, connect and learn.

Visual Focus considers how technology will be used when recommending the right solution fore business, education or home.

We make sure the technology does what you need it to do.

Visual Focus designs integrated systems that work anytime, add value for money and are simple to use.

Taking care in the design stage, selecting the right technology and programming controls, audio-visual systems integrate cost effectively and improve business productivity.

In educational environments, technology enriches learning and engagement.

In residences, smart home technology makes life more relaxed and enjoyable.

The Visual Focus process involves scoping and selecting the technology, making connections using the right cables, switchers and matrix devices and then programming control software for seamless operation.

Visual Focus has:-

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the latest audio visual technology and system design
  • Partnerships with state-of-the-art manufacturers and leading developers
  • Technicians on staff that custom program for easy-to-use control systems
  • Trade qualified installers delivering excellent workmanship and reliable on-going system support
  • Fix
  • Connect your BYOD
  • Collaborate and save your work
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Interactive Technology
  • Increased engagement and collaboration
  • Finger and pen touch
  • BYOD connection
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  • Motorised screens
  • Fixed wall screens
  • Portable screens
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LED Display Screens
  • Display panels
  • Video Walls
  • Engage, communicate, promote
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Digital signage
  • Real time information
  • Media control software
  • Scheduled or streaming updates
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Hearing Augmentation
  • Hearing augmentation and loops
  • Compliance to building standards
  • Optimal assisted listening
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Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Video and Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Huddle Hubs and Virtual Offices
  • Web Learning and Live Streaming
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Smart Control
  • Programmed technology
  • Wall or App interface
  • Qualified programmers
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Production Equipment
  • PA systems to mixers
  • Microphones
  • Stage lights to control desks
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Speakers Systems
  • PA Systems and microphone systems
  • Speakers, paging and in-ceiling systems
  • Audio mixing desks, processors and amplifiers
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Multi-room Audio
  • Speaker systems
  • Sonos – multi-room distributed audio
  • Pre-wire when building
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Media Rooms
  • Cinema experience at home
  • Custom plans and designs
  • Future proof for new technology
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Latest Technology
  • Creative digital art
  • Spotlight design
  • Light and display convergence
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