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Home On The Hill


The Murphy home has a stunning hillside location and audio-visual in every room.  

The family are living the dream waking daily to their stunning view while listening to quality music.  And there’s space for the teenage children to study, be entertained and stay connected.

Pre-wiring the two-level home made it easy to design and install a full audio-visual system.  Each room has its own large screen with discrete in-ceiling speakers and simple to use touch panel controls.

A main feature is the home theatre on ground level.  This room’s bunker design allows for external windows raised or fully shuttered for cinema darkness and soundproofing from the outside world.

Luxury theatre seating, kitchenette facilities and a whole home sound system creates the finest entertainment experience.

The beating heart of the control technology is the main equipment rack, discreetly hidden behind a false wall in the hallway.

A unique feature is an uninterruptible power supply, battery systems and a dedicated power generator.  It guarantees the family can bunker down to ride out storms or power loss in comfort with great entertainment.

The kitchen has two iPads loaded with the Crestron interface.  The family has total control of all their media systems with the touch of a button on the App.   Intelligent programming gives them the ability to automate screens, channel select and stream  content.

With the Sonos wireless audio system installed, the family can play all the music in the world throughout the home.  Different track can be selected to tailor to each family members music preference.

The in-ceiling speaker system extends to external units set around the outdoor pool.  It’s easy to relax with music by the pool.   Change the mood when friends drop by programming a brilliant party atmosphere.

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