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Kramer PT-572+ 1080p HDMI Extender


Kramer PT-572+ 1080p HDMI Extender


HDMI HDCP 2.2 Compact Receiver over PoC Long–Reach DGKat

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The PT−572+ is a DGKat™ twisted pair receiver for HDMI signals. The PT−571 converts an HDMI signal to a single twisted pair signal and the PT−572+ converts the twisted pair signal back to an HDMI signal.

  •  Max. Data Rate — 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel).
  •  HDTV Compatible.
  •  HDCP Compliant.
  •  DGKat™ Signal Integration — Kramer’s unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables.
  •  HDMI Support.
  •  3D Pass–Through.
  •  System Range — Up to 90m (295ft) at 1080i @60hz or up to 70m (230ft) at 1080p @ 60hz when using Kramer DGKat cables.
    Note: Transmission range depends on the signal resolution, graphics card and display used. If using third–party shielded CAT cables, both ends of the shield must be soldered to the connectors for the products to function properly.
  •  EDID PassThru — Passes EDID signals between the source and display.
  •  Status LED — Lights red when receiving power only, orange when output and power are attached, and yellow when both an active input and output are attached.
  •  Power Connect™ System — A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers the system when the devices are within 90m (295ft) of each other.
  •  Ultra–Compact Pico TOOLS™ — 4 units can be rack mounted side–by–side in a 1U rack space with the recommended rack adapter.


If Higher resolution, IR control, or RS232 Control please see  Kramer TP-580R

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 9 cm

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