Microphones available for hire include:

Wired microphones such as Shure Beta87 Dynamic, Shure Beta58 Condenser Microphones and Rode M1 dynamic & M2 condenser microphones.  Priced from $22 per day inc GST

Radio microphone systems including Shure PGX and Shure GLXD Wireless Microphone Kits,  Sennheiser D2 Radio Microphone Kits and both Rode and MiPro radio microphone kits.  You can select from handheld, headset or lapel style microphones.  Priced from $66 per day inc GST.

Gooseneck microphones suitable for use at Lecterns or for panel sessions.

Accessories include microphone stands, either floor or desktop style, are available from $11 per day.

For more information and bookings, contact us.