Microphones available for hire include:

Wired microphones such as Shure Beta87 Condenser, Shure Beta58 Dynamic Microphones and Rode M1 dynamic & M2 condenser microphones.  Priced from $22 per day inc GST

Radio microphone systems including Shure PGX,  GLXD and ULXD Wireless Microphone Kits,  Sennheiser D2 & Evolution Radio Kits and both Rode and MiPro radio microphone kits.  You can select from handheld, headset or lapel style microphones.  Priced from $66 per day inc GST.

Gooseneck microphones suitable for use at Lecterns or for panel sessions.

Accessories include microphone stands, either floor or desktop style, are available from $11 per day.

For more information and bookings, contact us.