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Technology for the Modern Workplace

The CommBox Interactive Table is transforming learning and working environments everywhere, utilising the same touch technology as your smart phone or tablet.

In the office, the CommBox Interactive Table provides your staff with a work space that encourages collaboration and active participation with capacitive touch for up to 10 fingers. See an increase in staff engagement, effectiveness of communication and meeting productivity with this plug-and-play solution.

In the classroom, the CommBox Interactive Table allows students to explore, brainstorm and review work as a team, offering access to the web, educational software, apps and white boarding.

The tables are robust in design with splash proof tops for easy cleaning in busy offices, schools or public spaces.

Collaborate, engage, brainstorm and when you’re done, print and share your progress at the touch of a button.

The CommBox Interactive Table is available in four sizes, two tall (32S and 42S) and two short (32T and 46T) models. The 46T is ideal for impromptu and informal standing use at 954mm high while the 32S is a great height to pull up a bean bag and collaborate (454mm high).